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Course Description

In this MS Office course, you will learn everything you need to know about MS Office Accounting. We'll take advantage of a 30-day free trial of MS Office software. 

Very clear step-by-step instructions show you how to navigate each part of MS Office. We'll do the complete setup together. You will then experience every common type of transaction that can be entered into MS Office . You will learn how to manage and customize the most important reports in MS Office. You can find and fix data entry errors, and even find everything you've entered into your MS Office account. Projects and tests reproduce real-world challenges I'm going to show you how to use MS Office. You can learn about any industry-specific assignments you might need by watching this topic on MS Office Desktop Videos. In this course, you can apply this particular topic to MS Office .

The transactions we learned about are what businesses need when using MS Office. We enter customer invoices, sales receipts and payments to the MS Office Accounting By Sage. This training includes depositing and banking related to MS Office, as well as entering supplier accounts and paying invoices in MS Office. This MS Office video training course also covers cash transactions and other cashbacks. We ll constantly provide MS Office tips and MS Office tricks so that students have complete control over all their MS Office entries. The main features of MS Office Accounting will help you become an expert at MS Office. Master the pros and cons of Microsoft Office and increase your Office productivity.

  • Spreadsheet with Excel 2013

  • Documents with Word 2013

  • Email with Outlook 2013

  • PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Make your office more efficient with Microsoft Premier Office Management Software. Whether you need to create data analysis tables, a customer contact database, or a brochure explaining your company's strengths and attractiveness, Microsoft Office is the choice of many Office professionals. Enjoy complete control over your calendar and communications with Outlook or make a great PowerPoint presentation.

Many people know the basics of what Office does, but learning the advanced features of the Office programs gives you more flexibility and creativity. Microsoft Office was developed to make office tasks easier and more efficient.

  • This course is intended for individuals and office workers who need to master the features of the latest version of Microsoft Office.

  • Video presentations and multiple tests, you'll learn everything you need to know to make your office work more efficiently with Office 2013.

  • Excel 2013 Beginner / Intermediate: Create basic spreadsheets and use expense tracking formulas.

  • Excel 2013 Advanced: Use complex formulas and data analysis about your company's revenue and expense models.

  • Word 2013: Create documents, embed videos, and set up online collaboration for shared work or school projects.

  • Outlook 2013: Take control of your inbox and avoid collecting hundreds of missed emails.

  • PowerPoint 2013: Create an elegant presentation for your next business meeting with animation, audio / video, and collaboration tools.

  • When you complete this course, you will become a work efficiency expert using the tools available in Microsoft Office 2013.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to Microsoft Office and want to gain expertise on it

  • Batch Duration: 3 Months
  • Videos Duration: 20+ hours
  • Fee: Free of Cost
  • Who can Join: Everyone
  • Enrolled Trainees: 1001
  • Video Medium: Urdu & English

What you will learn

    After completing this course, a trainee will be able to:

    • Learn the basics of Microsoft Office in this pack of courses: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
    • Use efficient Autofill and Flash Fill to be more productive in Microsoft Excel.
    • Learn how to create stunning charts and graphs in Excel
    • Explore new features in PowerPoint 2019, including icons and 3D models
    • Add charts, graphs, and tables in non-text format to your PowerPoint presentation information
    • Here are practical tips for presenting your PowerPoint presentation to your audience
    • Master the most commonly used Microsoft Word applications
    • How to create a mail merge in Microsoft Word
    • Learn how to protect your Word document from changes
    • Make your Word document cool by inserting and editing tables
    • Learn practical ways to back up and restore your spreadsheets in Excel without losing any data.
    • Find the basics of using formulas and functions in Excel
    • Learn practical ways to sort and filter your data in ExcelLearn how to insert shapes, graphics, and pictures to add a little charm to your PowerPoint
    • Keep your audience happy by adding animation, audio, and video to PowerPoint
    • Learn time-saving techniques, including copying your slides and exporting your presentation
    • Learn about Word's tools, including how to use columns, indentations, footers, frames, and watermarks.
    • Learn how to print envelopes and labels properly in Word
    • Add professional photos and graphics to your Word documents

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