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The Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication offers a favorable environment for the digital ecosystem, promotes efforts to increase manpower & creativity, and assures full support in projects related to the IT & Telecom sector. Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program's ( mission is to reshape and contribute to Pakistan's technology, education, and industry sector for skill development, business opportunities, and economic growth by adopting a new era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and emerging technologies. This skilled human resource will ultimately participate in making a digital and prosperous Pakistan.

Yes, this program will have limited seats, which will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the First Batch, the eHunar | Hunarmand Program have only Limited seats for Students across the country & Overseas Pakistanis. Students with late registrations, i.e., after Limited seats, will be accommodated in the next Batch.

After completing your course, you'll get an authorized e-certification which ll be verifiable online & also ll be authorized and accredited with Government Institutions. Furthermore, you'll be able to join our Internships & Abroad Education Scholarships Program after completing any course. 

Yes! You have to attempt an online test after applying. Our Admission Department will evaluate your entry test & update the test result. Your result marks will ensure your enrollment. So, please be aware of that.


Note: 45% Marks are required in the entry test to get eligible for our programs.

Yes, Overseas Pakistanis can also apply for this National Training Program ( & can secure their seat.

A student can enroll in a maximum of 3 programs simultaneously.

There is a minimum Matric educational requirement to take the eHunar Training, and we encourage everyone who can read, write and understand English or know a little bit use of the Computer to take the training to build their future as a freelancer.

It's an online training program; once you submit your application & pass the online entrance exam, you need to pay minor processing charges & instantly, you'll get your LMS access. All modules, videos, assignments, and content you are enrolled in on LMS will be available. You can access it from anywhere, like from your home or office. All you need is a computer with Internet connectivity. You can self-pace the training according to your schedule.

After completing any course, you can join our Internships & Abroad Education Scholarships Program

You can reset your password yourself through the “Reset Password” link available on the “Log In” page of LMS and follow the instructions. If the problem persists, you can contact our support ([email protected]).

To participate in the eHunar - Hunarmand Program, students have to adopt the following process:

  • Sign Up - Click apply now, fill in all the fields & click Sign up to create an account at

  • Email Confirmation - After signing up, you'll be redirected to the Email Confirmation page, where you need to verify your email address before processing to the application portal. An email with a verification OTP code will be sent to your email address. Simply copy the code from your email & paste it into the Email Confirmation Tab & click Continue. Note: If you don't see the email in your inbox, check other email folders, like junk, spam, social, etc. If you find your email in spam/junk folders, please mark it as Not Spam / Not Junk to move it to your inbox. 

  • Login & Submit Application: After successfully verifying your email address, simply login to your account & fill out the application form carefully and accurately. Select the courses you want to enroll in and submit the application form. You can enroll in a maximum of 3 programs at the same time.

  • Attempt online test: Attempt an online test by clicking on the "Attempt Online Test" button. Note: 45% Marks are required in the entry test to get eligible for our programs. 

  • Enrollment Confirmation - After passing the test & a minor processing fee is verified, you'll be given access to the Learning Portal & all of its Resources.

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