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Project Director eHunar: Major Mustafa Zaidi

Message to Youth:-

We as a nation have to focus on future IT skills required to flourish in this new digitalised, interconnected global marketplace. World is moving very fast towards an increasingly digitalised global village, with an ever-growing reliance on advanced technologies. Our proficiency with such technologies and processes will help us diversify our economy, attract new investments and increase our productivity. A national workforce equipped with world-class, future-proof skills and attitudes will underpin the delivery of greater economic and social value for generations to come. It is a matter of great privilege and pride that has accepted the responsibility to equip our youth with latest skills in the cutting edge technologies to grab their place at leading positions in the digitized world. This Skills Development Initiative will identify the bundles of skills, abilities, and knowledge that are most likely to be important in the near future, as well as the skills investments that will have the greatest impact on occupational demand. I feel very proud and satisfied that we have initiated our part of nation building but it will reach its pinnacle with your support and contributions. So don't wait and join the just cause of driving our youth through the hardships of unemployment towards a prosperous, self-sustaining and dignified future.

Major Ejaz Zaidi
Project Director,

ehunar - Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program