Message By: Provincial Minister of Punjab for Education Department

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Provincial Minister of Punjab for Education Department: Dr. Murad Raas

Message to Youth:-

Dr. Murad Raas - Provincial Minister for Education highlighted that roughly 4.7% of Pakistan’s labour force is currently employed in the ICT sector, of which only 6% are women. These Career Certificates and scholarships will empower and encourage women to pursue and excel in different technological fields as well, Businesses, employees and students need to quickly learn to adapt to technology in the modern world; a prerequisite for most jobs today. They equip individuals with basic ground-level understanding in their field of choice. These self-paced courses will be useful to thousands of professionals and students looking to increase their earnings by utilising their spare time after day jobs or studies. He encouraged to participate in this program.

“Opportunities in Information Technology (IT) have the potential to reduce youth unemployment in the country,” he underscored.

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