eBay Dropshipping

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Course Description

This course will teach you everything you need to know about dropshipping on eBay, step by step so that you are able to go from a complete beginner to making a full time income working from home with this business model alone. Our goal with this course is to give you as much action packed content so that you have all the tools to make this successful eBay dropshipping business model a reality for you too.

In this course, You will learn:

Proper account setup

In this section, We will show you how to properly set up your eBay seller account to ensure success. This will include:

  • Setting up your store policies so that they are compliant with eBay’s dropshipping policy

  • Understanding how to navigate your store, keeping up with account hygiene and setting up your payments

Getting your first sales

In this section, We will teach you how to optimize your store to help you quickly get your first sales. We will dive deep into:

  • Understanding eBay's Cassini algorithm to master your eBay SEO

  • Creating the perfect eBay title

  • How to calculate your dropshipping profits

  • Understanding Amazon

  • Picking the right products to hit your first sale quickly

Managing customer expectations and keeping your account healthy

Here, we will go over everything you need to know to keep your eBay customers happy and to manage tricky situations that can arise when dropshipping on eBay, to make sure that you keep your account safe and in line with eBay dropshipping policies.

This includes:

  • Handling returns and issues

  • Understanding key metrics of your eBay store to keep your account in good standing

Growing your eBay store

In this section we will go over advanced strategies to grow your online store.

Mastering eBay product research

In this section, we teach you how to master product research on eBay.

This includes:

  • Finding hot products from 3 different suppliers

  • Using advanced research methods to increase profits

  • Identify hot niches that are full of opportunities

Managing suppliers and cash flow

One of the best kept secrets of the most successful eBay sellers or dropshippers is understanding how to manage their cash flow and dropship supplier. In this module, We will show you how to manage your cashflow and to optimize it for maximum return.

Creating multiple eBay accounts

Here, we give you some actionable tips on scaling your eBay account by building your empire.

We show you how to manage and run multiple eBay accounts and strategies to optimize them so that you can scale quickly

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who wants to make money online from home, dropshipping on eBay

  • Batch Duration: 6 Months
  • Videos Duration: 30+ hours
  • Fee: Free of Cost
  • Who can Join: Everyone
  • Enrolled Trainees: 1001
  • Video Medium: Urdu & English

What you will learn

    After completing this course, a trainee will be able to:

    • Complete section on eBay Automation, setup and application
    • Newest and latest information about dropshipping arbitrage
    • Dropshipping & Wholesale product suppliers list
    • List of eBay Approved dropshipping places
    • List of places to get niche wholesale items
    • How to correctly set up this business
    • No membership sites to join
    • Start a profitable drop shipping business right away
    • Latest most up to date information about dropshipping on eBay
    • Longest, biggest & most comprehensive course on dropshipping
    • Actual product sourcing revealed nothing hold back
    • Premier step by step guide to online arbitrage
    • Secret list of amazon best selling products
    • Practical examples of real products to use
    • Proven method that actually work

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